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Welcome to Dr Xu's Original Digital Photography Gallery! Enjoy your stay.

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Sunset Gallery You are visitor . Today is 09/22/18. Design by Jianling@DrXu.com

Thank you for visiting Dr Xu's original digital photograph. I hope you will enjoy your stay and come back often to check out my fantastic new photos. I started to get attracted to the amazing world of digital photography recently. Most of the pictures here are taken by a Nikon Coolpix 775 digital camera. Below are some of my latest shots.

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Most of them are perfect as a desktop or laptop wallpaper. If you want to use any of the photos in this site for personal purpose, you must let me know by sending me email about your website and the place where you want to place my photo. To use my photos for commercial purpose, please contact me for the charges. Thanks. For more sunset pictures like these, please visit Nils Dehl's sunset gallery at http://www.sunset-gallery.com.

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