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How To: Slave Flash You are visitor . Today is 10/21/19. Design by Jianling@DrXu.com

How to make coolpix 775 work with a Slave Flash and other things?

DrXu.com viewer Laureano López has come up with an original and fantastic schematic to make coolpix 775 work with a Slave Flash. Below is the schematic and a sample photo.

Laureano would like to share his experience with all DrXu.com viewers. Below is the message he sent to me:

"I love  to experiment with digital Photograph . Trying to use a slave flash I found that it don`t lit at the correct
time.To resolve this problem I has make a very simple delayer circuit and now theslave flash works fine and it`s very easy to take photos really wonderful.

I wish to share this experiencie with other members that can be interested on it. If you want to put it on your web, I can give you the schematics and some photos about the construction of this device. The attached file is sample of the photos that we can take with this device.Also I have interesting things about Infrared Photos and amazing pictures of
moon fixing the camera and binoculars to the same tripod. Please, excuse my bad english.

Congratulations for your nice web."


Schematics(click on image to enlarge):

Sample Pictures(click on image to enlarge):

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