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How To: Night shot You are visitor . Today is 09/22/18. Design by Jianling@DrXu.com

How to take a clear night shot?

A night shot is easy to get blur since it requires more time to expose, and the light brightness can be hard to adjust. I basically do the following to get a satisfying night shot photo.

1) Ture off auto flash, use auto mode for menu selection.
2) Use tripod if possible, especially when in dim light. An alternative is put your camera on a stable object, or hold it with your wrists on stable object. Avoid shaking as much as possible, especially when you push the button.
3) Use the menu to adjust the exposure value to a higher value. Need to pratice in different situations.
4) In the same menu, adjust the white balance to incadescent or neon, depending on the lighting condition.
5) Use timing feature , up to 10 seconds, to avoid the nudge to the camera when you push the button.

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