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How To: Expand Coolpix 775 You are visitor . Today is 09/22/18. Design by Jianling@DrXu.com

How to make Coolpix 775 expandable with lens and filters?

Dr Xu's Digital Photography Forums member Tony educated us that it's possible to make Coolpix 775 expandable with a UR-E3 converter adaptor for Coolpix 775. Thanks to Tony's quick action, he even took two clear photos of UR-E3 and sent them to me. Below are the two photos of UR-E3 photos viewed from different angles.These images could be the first on the internet since I can't find any UR-E3 photos online, not even Nikon's official website. For $12.95, you can buy Nikon UR-E3 Converter Adapter For Coolpix 775 HERE

View number 1 (Credit to Tony)

View number 2 (Credit to Tony)

Below is what Tony wrote in dpreview.com forum:
Tony2 wrote:
> The converter-adapter for my CP775 is now in my hands. Only waited
> two months for delivery to my local Nikon dealer. (G)
> For anyone interested in its makeup it is a light gray plastic device,
> one piece, but divided into sectons with one top movable joint.
> The bottom most section slides over the bottom of the 775 and
> clips in behind the back menu buttons, but does not cover the
> three buttons.
> Continuing up, it is L shaped, and the second part slips over the
> front
> of the camera, slips over the lens attachment and supports a circular
> threaded attachment for the filter. By necessity this area is
> circular,
> and extends forward one and a quarter inches, to accomidate the
> movement of the camera lens outward.
> Then the last 1/3 topmost part wiith a joint swings over the top
> of the camera, covering the name 'coolpix 775" and two prongs
> attach in between the viewfinder.
> It is cumbersom, but better than nothing and the price was
> ten bucks.
> Tony2



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